Problems using our ODBC driver with Active Server Pages

Abstract: Problems using our ODBC driver with Active Server Pages

Problem: I saw your message on the Interbase newsgroup... I was able to get ODBC to work with ASP, but it seems to be unreliable. I set up a test query and if I repeatedly load that page, sometimes it'll hang, then if I click stop and reload, I get a "remote procedure failed to execute" message. Then if I reload again, it usually starts working. Solution: The information in this article applies to: ** InterBase 4.x ** InterBase 5.x The story it seems, is that the ODBC drivers that were made by Visigenic (shipped with InterBase versions 4.2/5) are garbage. I was able to make them 'semi' stable by installing the very latest DAC (Microsoft Data Access Components, available from ). After installation they seemed to stablise and only crash about once every few days. Recently however it became unstable again, luckily I had just received InterBase 5.5, which comes with a new ODBC driver by InterSolv, which has been very stable since. It's difficult to setup, but worth it. Hint for 5.5 driver: use TCP/IP as the local database path doesn't work. My suggestion is get the latest DAC from Microsoft and install IB 5.5. NOTE: THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED BY ISC, AND IS THEREFORE NOT A SUPPORTED WORKAROUND.