InterSolv ODBC Transactions are Increasingly Slow

Abstract: InterSolv ODBC Transactions are Increasingly Slow

Problem: Performing any repetitive operations via the InterSolv ODBC driver yields a decrease in performance. Solution: This information applies to: * InterBase 5.5 There may be situations (typically many transactions over a short amount of time) where the default commit mode of the InterSolv ODBC driver will produce increasing performance degradation over time. The InterSolv ODBC driver uses a commit mode equivalent to the InterBase API call ISC_COMMIT_RETAINING, which retains the cursor and snapshot view of the database after the transaction has been committed. Alternately, you can install the ODBC patch which includes three new InterSolv ODBC driver files plus a minor registry change. The patch files use a commit mode equivalent to the InterBase API call ISC_COMMIT_TRANSACTIION. Use the following steps to solve this problem: Step 1. Creating the Registry File ================================================= Cut and paste the following set of registry entries into a text file called InterSolv_ODBC.REG. Make sure to include the "Workarounds" key as this is the one that invokes the fix. Start the cut below the "---Cut below here--------- " line and stop just above the "---Cut above here----------" line. ---Cut below here---------- REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREODBCODBCINST.INIInterBase InterSolv Driver (*.gdb)] "APILevel"="1" "ConnectFunctions"="YYY" "Driver"="C:WINNTSYSTEM32IBINT13.DLL" "DriverODBCVer"="03.00" "FileUsage"="0" "Setup"="C:WINNTSYSTEM32IBINT13.DLL" "SQLLevel"="1" "UsageCount"="1" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREODBCODBCINST.INIODBC Drivers] "InterBase InterSolv Driver (*.gdb)"="Installed" [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareODBCODBC.INIODBC Data Sources] "SampleDSN"="InterBase InterSolv Driver (*.gdb)" [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareODBCODBC.INISampleDSN] "Database"="C:Program FilesInterBase CorpInterBaseEXAMPLESemployee.gdb" "Description"="InterSolv Sample DSN" "Driver"="C:WINNTSYSTEM32IBINT13.DLL" "HostName"=" " "NetworkProt"=" " "UID"="sysdba" "LogonID"="" "PWD"="masterkey" "Workarounds"="1" ---Cut above here---------- Step 2. Customize the file to reflect your current conditions ============================================= There are a few entries that you will have to change to match your environment: * "Database" -- Enter the path and filename of the database file. Make sure to use double backslashes for directory delimiters. * "UID" -- Enter the user name that will be used to attach to this database. * "PWD" -- Enter the password that will be used to attach to this database. Step 3. Create the New Registry Entry ===================================== From within Explore, double-click on the InterSolv_ODBC.REG file. You should soon receive a dialog box stating "Information in InterSolv_ODBC.REG has been successfully entered into the registry. Step 4. Install the New ODBC Driver Files ========================================= The 5.5.742 shipping files and this patch build files are of the same version; we are requesting InterSolv to increment the version property of the files but until that time we'll have to depend on the file size and date to distinguish: 5.5.742 Shippping ----------------- 10/18/98 06:50a 133,120 Ibint13.dll 03.11.1000 10/18/98 06:50a 308,224 Ibbas13.dll 03.11.1000 10/18/98 06:50a 300,032 Ibutl13.dll 13.01.0000 Patch Build ----------- 11/16/98 03:14p 133,632 Ibint13.dll 03.11.1000 11/16/98 04:47p 307,712 Ibbas13.dll 03.11.1000 11/16/98 05:27p 300,544 Ibutl13.dll 13.01.0000 Overwrite the existing InterSolv ODBC driver files in the SYSTEM (WIN95) or SYSTEM32 (WINNT) directory with the patch files. Following these instructions for downloading the update files: 1. Type "ftp" at the DOS prompt. 2. Use user name "ftp" as login name. 3. Use your email address as password. 4. cd blind 5. binary 6. get Note: You will not be able to view the directory content of the ftp server due to limited access. But the file is there and it's case sensitive.