How to set up an ODBC Data Source using ODBC Administrator

Abstract: How to set up an ODBC Data Source using ODBC Administrator

Problem: This document provides a quick walk-through of setting up an ODBC Data Source using ODBC Administrator. Solution: This document pertains to InterBase versions 5.X and 32Bit InterSolv drivers for InterBase 5.X. 1. Settings | Control Panel 2. Click on the Icon for 32 bit ODBC 3. You will now see ODBC Administrator loaded. 4. Click on button. 5. Select "InterBase InterSolv Driver (*.gdb)" from the list. 6. Click on Button. 7. Enter name you want to call the data source in the "Data Source Name" box. (You can enter any name you want here. For this example, enter "IB_intersolv".) 8. If you want , you can enter description information in the "Description" box. It is not required. 9. Select the network protocol you will be using from the drop down list Next to "Network Protocol" (applies to Visigenic drivers only) 10. Enter full path to the database in the box next to the word "Database" 11. If you select a network protocol other than "local", the server box will allow entries into it. If the box is not greyed out, enter name of the server machine that houses your database. (applies to Visigenic drivers only) 12. Enter user name and password information. 13. Click 14. When you get back to the User Data Sources page, you will see your new data source listed there. 15. Click to leave ODBC Administrator.