How to connect to InterBase using a File DSN?

Abstract: How to connect to InterBase using a File DSN?

Problem: Since the InterBase ODBC driver doesn't support File DSNs, is there a way to work around this? Solution: The information in this article applies to: ** the InterSolve ODBC driver for InterBase 5.5 One way to work around this issue is as follows: 1. Create a USER DSN using the InterSolv ODBC driver for InterBase. (see IB #696 for help with this step) 2. Create a FILE DSN. a) Open the 32bit ODBC Administrator b) Click on the File DSN tab c) Click the 'Add' button d) In the next window that appears click the 'Next' button. (it doesn't matter which driver is highlighted at this point) e) Type in a name for the FILE DSN and click the 'Next' button f) When the next window appears click 'Finish'. An error message will appear. Disregard it and click 'OK'. Another error dialog will appear with the option to 'Save non-verified file dsn?'. Click the 'Yes' button. 3. Edit the FILE DSN so it points to the User DSN. a) Open Notepad and open the FILE DSN that you just created. It will be in the C:Program FilesCommon FilesODBCData Sources directory. b) Replace the second line (below the [ODBC] line) as follows: DSN=my_user_dsn, where 'my_user_dsn' is the name of the USER DSN created in step 1 above. Save the file. 4) Use the File DSN via the 3rd party tool.