SCH_validate errors appear in interbase.log file

Abstract: SCH_validate errors appear in interbase.log file

Problem: What are the SCH_validate errors that appear in the interbase.log file and what causes them. Solution: SCH_validate errors are internal server errors that are related to InterBase's internal scheduler. When these errors occur the server is in a confused state and should be restarted. The SCH_validate errors are ususally accompanied by the InterBase server crashing. The most common reason for these errors is due to faulty UDF programming. UDFs run in the InterBase server's memory space. This makes it possible for faulty UDFs to corrupt the server's memory space. Verify the validity of all UDFs running on the server. Make sure that they are coded correctly. If the SCH_validate errors occur with no UDFs defined on any of the databases contact InterBase Technical Services.