Replication In InterBase

Abstract: Replication In InterBase

Problem: Does InterBase support Replication? Solution: The short answer is NO. The InterBase engine does not currently support replication. However, InterBase does have the facility to allow the programmer to develop a replication engine. Basics of how to build the replication engine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are several ways to do this but the core of the replication design involves the use of triggers. A trigger for each operation (insert, update, delete) needs to be created for each table in the database that needs to be replicated. Inside the triggers the new and old values can be stored in other tables (which we'll call the replication tables). A replication engine can be developed that takes the information from the replication tables and "replicates" the information to all the other databases. The replication engine would have to handle the collision situations involved with replication (ie. what happens when the same record is modified at more than one location).