How does JDataStore supports Transactions?

Abstract: How does JDataStore supports Transactions?

Transaction support is provided by the com.borland.datastore.TxManager class. A DataStore may be transactional when it is first created; or you can add transaction support later. In either case, you assign a TxManager object to the txManager property of the DataStore object before calling the create or open method.

The properties of the TxManager object determine various aspects of the transaction manager. When instantiated, the TxManager has usable default settings for these properties. If you want to change any of these settings, it must done before creating or opening the DataStore.

The first time the non-transactional DataStore opens, it stores its transactional settings internally. The next time you open the DataStore, you do not have to assign a TxManager; the DataStore will automatically instantiate a TxManager with the settings it has stored.

To open (or create) a transactional DataStore, you must also set the DataStoreConnection.userName property.