Does JDataStore supports the Briefcase model?

Abstract: Does JDataStore supports the Briefcase model?

JDataStore works great for Briefcase models when used in conjunction with the DataExpress components.
The leverage provided is based on three technologies:

  • 1) dbSwing: Swing components that can easily bind (programatically or via visual component designer) to DataExpress data access components.
  • 2) DataExpress data access components which provide a wide range of data access functionality including the ability to retrieve data from a data source provider such as a JDBC connection, the ability to automatically track edits to retrieved data and the capability of saving edits back to a data source using optimistic concurrency.
  • 3) JDataStore used as backing store for DataExpress components. Although JDataStore provides JDBC access, its tables can also be used as a backing store for the DataExpress components discussed in #2. This allows data to be retrieved while connected, persisted automatically in a JDataStore, disconnect browse/edit data offline, reconnect to save changes or refresh.