How to configure jbuilder for roaming users

Abstract: How to configure jbuilder for roaming users


On many academic networks but also some enterprises network, user profiles are located on a remote server. Each user then log on a machine that may be different each time. In that case JBuilder needs to be specifically configured to launch the JBuilder user profile from the correct "user home".


under windows, the default path for the Jbuilder project is "C:\Documents and Settings\[profile name]\jbproject".
As your profiles are on a remote server, you need to modify the jbuilder.config and overvrite the user.home variable as follow:
in Jbuilder.config, add the following line:

vmparam -Duser.home=[DRIVE]\[path_to]\[directory_to_store_user_info] which should point to your user home directory [generally a map drived ].
Normally then Jbuilder will create on start a .jbuilder directory where all the default config files will be host as well as the jbproject directory.

Please note that you will need to register the product again for each user if you are not using a license server. One license [named or concurrent] per user is mandatory.
You may need to edit one Jbuilder.config and copy it on all your machine once you validated your configuration.