BDS 2006 becomes unregistered after applying Update 1

Abstract: BDS 2006 becomes unregistered after applying Update 1

  • Product Name: Borland Developer Studio (BDS)
  • Product Version: 2006
  • Product Component: C++ Builder
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows


BDS 2006 becomes unregistered after applying Update 1. When attempted to register again will result in an error stating "serial number is already registered" or "could not find valid product information."


This behavior usually indicates that the applied version of Update #1 is designed for a different product edition (for instance, applying the Professional Update #1 to the Architect BDS 2006).

To determine if this is the problem, first user need to open BDS 2006, select Help | About, and check the build number:

10.0.2166.28377 (Has Update #1)
10.0.2151.25345 (Does not have Update #1)

Assuming that Update #1 has been applied, look near the bottom of the Help | About dialog to see the product edition. It should say "Professional," "Enterprise," or "Architect."

Now, check the Update #1 that the user applied. The name of the file will indicate what product edition it is intended for. For example, the name of the Professional Update #1 is ""

If the two do not match, then the wrong Update #1 has been applied. In this case, resetting registration by deleting the .slip file, .borland directory, and .xxxxx directory from the user home directory won't help. The best (and possibly only) remedy is to perform a full uninstall and reinstall of BDS 2006, being sure to apply the proper Update #1 this time around. �
Author: Rajini Billahalli