New DataDirect ODBC Driver available for InterBase Customers

Abstract: New DataDirect ODBC Driver available for InterBase Customers

As an option for data connectivity Borland distributes ODBC drivers from Data Direct with current versions of InterBase.  In the past, InterBase shipped with an ODBC driver from EasySoft You may not redistribute the EasySoft ODBC driver after September 2006 as the agreement between EasySoft and Borland will have expired.

To once again allow customers to freely redistribute an ODBC driver, Borland has reached an agreement with DataDirect to distribute their ODBC driver.

Customers redistributing an EasySoft ODBC driver need to change to the DataDirect ODBC driver. Technically this change should be an equivalent replacement, since ODBC functions are identical according to the ODBC specification. We understand the change might involve extra efforts for some customers, but believe this is outweighed by the possibility to, free of charge, redistribute ODBC drivers moving forward.

For more information, see fixes.txt for a list of bugs fixed in this latest update and see the installation instructions