JBuilder - edit Javadoc template

Abstract: JBuilder - edit Javadoc template


Product: JBuilder
Version: Any
Platform: Windows


How do I customise the javadoc output created by using /**


Javadoc is a Sun Microsystems utility that generates HTML documentation files from comments you enter in API source files. The comments must be formatted according to Javadoc standards.

JBuilder uses the file javadocClass.template to read in the details for the class javadoc details.

This file is found in the .JBuilder2006 directory in your home directory -

for example: C:\Documents and Settings\username\.jbuilder2006

The file can be edited to show the required format by using a text editor.� For example removing the < P > tags.

The details to be shown can be added through the javadoc fields found on the General tab from Project | Project Properties.