Unable to start the IDE

Abstract: Unable to start the IDE

  • Product Name: Borland Developer Studio 2006, Borland C#Builder 2006, Borland Delphi 2006, Turbo C++ Explorer, Turbo C# Explorer, Turbo Delphi Explorer, Turbo Delphi for .NET Explorer
  • Product Component: N/A
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows


    Clicking�on the IDE icon from the Windows menu fails to start the IDE.


    This is caused by the IDE's use of the MS Crypto API. In order to resolve the issue, delete the files that is located in the directory: Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\S-1-5-21-1993962763-602609370-682003330-1005.

    The exact name of your directory may vary, but it will start with S,�followed by a long series of numbers.


    QC 27973