Borland announced InterBase 2007

Abstract: Borland announced InterBase 2007

Borland announced InterBase 2007 for Windows, Solaris and Linux.

New Features

  • Journaling and Journal Archiving, improves VLDB management, OLTP performance, and facilitates disaster recovery (Server Edition only)
  • Online Dump, provides backup for seamless incremental backup
  • Batch Updates allow sending multiple SQL statements, reduces the network traffic resulting in improved performance, especially in LAN and WAN environments
  • Point-in-time-recovery allows journal based recovery based on timestamps for greater recovery flexibility (Server Edition only)
  • Extended International character support via Unicode® UCS-2 and UTF-8

Upgrade Path

Customer using current and previous versions of InterBase can upgrade to this new version. Note the new installation and registration process as described in the Update Guide that will be enclosed in the new version.

How to obtain

Customers with active support & maintenance contracts covering InterBase will automatically receive the number of licenses covered by their contract. Please allow some time for delivery. If you have questions on delivery status, please contact your local Borland office or representative.

Customer Watches

Customers with active support & maintenance contracts receive this announcement by e-mail based on Watches set on the Announcements page of Borland Answers. To disable Watches please log in to Borland Answers and go to:

We wish you success in using this latest Borland product.

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