Daylight Savings Time (DST) compliance

Abstract: Daylight Savings Time (DST) compliance

Compliant versions:

JBuilder 2007

JBuilder 2006 with Service Pack 3 (or greater)

Note: If JBuilder 2006 Service Pack 3 (or greater)�has been installed, it will indicate as such in Help | About JBuilder...�within�in the splash screen, just below the build number.

JBuilder 2006 Service Pack 3 download:

Non-compliant versions:

JBuilder 2005 or prior

Note: This includes all versions of the Enterprise Studio for Java

Workaround for Non-compliant versions:

The following�workaround is neither certified�nor supported�by Borland/CodeGear.

Use the�TZupdater tool from the following location which will patch�certain JDKs to�provide DST compliance:

Additional info: