Instructions for FlexLM redundant server setup

Abstract: Instructions for FlexLM redundant server setup

  Obtaining the Borland-FLEXlm License Files

You should have first received a License Certificate email from Borland containing your certificate number and order details  along with a username/password to log into the web-based license hosting site.  This hosting site does not provide facility for creation of redundant licenses; however Borland can generate these for you.  Please make note of your license certificate number located in the subject line of the License Certificate email.

1. Download the Borland-FLEXlm server via Borland networked license server download site:

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded archive files onto each of the three redundant server machines.

3. Obtain host-ids for the three servers that you intend to use in your redundant configuration.  Running the lmhostid command under the FLEXlm installation root directory on each of the servers will provide the necessary information (i.e. c:\flexborland_i86n3\lmhostid). 

You should see output similar to the following on each machine (you?ll see similar output for both UNIX and windows).