Daylight Savings Time (DST) Compliance

Abstract: Daylight Savings Time (DST) Compliance


    BLS 4 requires JDK/JRE 1.4.x. It is not supported/certified to run on JDK/JRE 1.5.x+. BLS installers come with or without JDK/JRE. Installers with a JRE include version 1.4.2_07 which does not have the latest DST update.


    The following workaround is neither certified nor supported by Borland/CodeGear.

    If you run BLS 4 with your own version of JDK/JRE 1.4.x which is older than 1.4.2_11 or the one that is installed with BLS, use the TZupdater tool from the following location which will patch certain JDKs to provide DST compliance:

    Additional info: