InterBase 2007 SP2 available for download

Abstract: InterBase 2007 SP2 is now available for download from the registered users site

    Service Pack 2 Updates

Please note the following additions and updates in SP2.

    Server/Client Version Compatability

2007SP2 client library fixes bugs with connecting to the older version of InterBase, it is recommended that all IB 2007 clients be upgraded with the new IB 2007 SP2 client library. For local access it is required that the local InterBase client and the InterBase server (on the same machine) be the same version. The new InterBase client library allows connections to older version of the server however only connections to the IB 2007 and IB 2007 SP2 are certified and supported. Please use the appropriate InterBase client library to connect to an older version of InterBase server, i.e. IB 7.5 client to connect to IB 7.5 server and so on. This does not apply to remote or local loop back connections which are achieved using TCP/IP.

Note The ability of IB clients to connect to older local Servers could be disallowed later releases.This does not apply to TCP/IP connectivity.


See the attached files for more information

    Tar Install for Linux and Solaris

Use the following files to install InterBase 2007 SP2 on Linux:

  • InterBaseC_LI-V2007.tar
  • InterBaseSS_LI-V2007.tar
    • setup
    • License.txt

Use the following files to install InterBase 2007 SP2 on Solaris:

  • InterBaseC_SO-V2007.tar
  • InterBaseSS_SO-V2007.tar
    • setup
    • License.txt
Setup Instructions
  1. Execute the setup script.
  2. Choose to install Server and Client or Install Client only.
  3. Follow the prompts to configure:
    • Installation directory
    • Multi-instance option
    • Instance name and port
    • Run InterBase as a service

The script installs InterBase to the chosen location sets the correct variables to allow InterBase to run remotely and link to InterBase libraries.

Note The installer must be run with root privileges.

Note command line registration is not available.

    Features and Updates

The following updates/changes have been implemented as of this release. See the Update Guide included with InterBase 2007 SP2 for a complete description of these features.

  • Journal Preallocation
  • JDBC URL Parameters
  • Database Write Mode Default SYNC
  • Database File Preallocations
  • PT_BR Collation For Brazilian Portuguese
  • Query Optimizer Improvements
  • UDF Descriptors

    Bugs Fixed in InterBase 2007 SP2

The following bugs are resolved in InterBase 2007 SP2:

Bug Number QC# Description
58205   Improve access method for full outer joins.
58257 47598 Left outer join performance without an index fixed.
58462 602721 Index is not used in a co-related sub select of an UPDATE statement, fixed.
60128 47916 Left outer join with table expressions not optimized when indexes should be used, fixed.
60269 20359 Query Optimization when using "IN" or "OR" keywords fixed.
61347 25160 Index is not used for the where clause when the query is outer join fixed.
219990 10264 Left Join on a big table completion lag fixed.
223805 597104 The optimizer uses a sequential table scan to perform co-related sub-query, fixed.
231879 47599 Data inserted in the last transaction not seen if the database is made read only,resolved.
239883 11219 Installing Desktop Edition as Administrator does not make Programs listing available to other Users, fixed.
243270   Connecting with 8.0 client to 7.1 server fails with unavailable database error, fixed.
243299 40486 InterBase 7.1 server crashes upon disconnect using 8.0 client with remote connection, fixed.
243679 47604 InterBase Server Manager starts as an ordinary user even if you are an administrator on Windows Vista, fixed.
248755   interclient.jar JDBC driver now installed as part of the InterBase SDK.
248850   Bookmarks are missing from Language Reference Manual, fixed.
249045 47600 InterBase 2007 Installer now works on SUSE Linux 10.
249232   INSERT/COMMIT for each record delay when Journaling is enabled on some Windows platforms fixed.
251265 47602 Query with many joins returns "size of optimizer block exceeded", fixed.
251608 44565 Opimizer block exceeded error fixed.
251610 43874 Bad query result on LEFT JOIN when multiple filters in the join, resolved.
256161   Nested loops in triggers crashes the server, fixed.