InterBase XE7 Trial/Developer Edition Technical Specifications

Abstract: Describes what the InterBase trial provides

The Trial Version of InterBase is meant to give users a chance to see for themselves just how easy it is to test deployments of simple to complex business applications with a database that is both highly functional and extremely economical.

The Developer Edition of InterBase is meant to allow software developers to develop applications for free.

New users should take note of InterBase's small RAM and disk space footprints, easy installation, nearly zero maintenance, automatic crash recovery, online backup, exceptional reliability and integration with Embarcadero's Delphi, JBuilder and C++Builder.

Trial and Developers versions features:
  • All of the functionality of InterBase is provided.
  • The server can address up to 8 CPUs
  • 20 users (80 logical connections) to the server are available.
  • Versions available available for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and Solaris.
  • Full documentation.
  • ODBC driver
Limitations of the Trial version:
  • The Trial version licensing expires 90 days after the installation and registration of the Trial, on all platforms. After that date, the Trial version will cease to function.
Limitations of the Developer Edition:
  • 48 hours after the server is started new connections are disallowed. To allow new connections after 48 hours the server must be restarted.
  • The developer edition  is self-contained in licenses as stated above. It will not make use of any other types of add-on InterBase licenses.
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