FireDAC install for alternate IDE versions

Abstract: This article show you how to install FireDAC to versions of RAD Studio other than XE3

While we expect future versions of FireDAC to work only with the latest versions of our IDEs (and suggest current users to move to a maintenance level that also includes our development tools), current releases still supports all platforms AnyDAC used to work with, and we are not restricting existing AnyDAC support customers from using the current version of FireDAC with other compilers.

Please note that support assistance from Embarcadero is only available when FireDAC is being used with the version of the IDE it is targeted to.

Below are instructions to make the FireDAC installer install for other IDE's versions of Rad Studio other than what it is targeted to.

  • Go to command prompt
  • Use the CD command to change directory to the directory where the installer resides. Example:

  • cd \users\my_user_name\downloads

  • run the installer with the /showide switch. Example:

  • FireDAC_8.0.3.3291 /showide

  • After selecting which components you want to install, you will see the following dialog, which will allow you to select the IDE you wish to install to: