Exception EpackageRegistrationException in module coreide190.bpl at 000357FB. Registration procedure, CppFmxMobileIDECmd.IDERegister in package ... raised exception ...

Abstract: This error occurs when updating to RAD Studio XE5 Update 2

To go from RAD Studio XE5 Update 2 from a previous RAD Studio XE5 release, you are supposed to uninstall first. However, if you run the installer and select Modify instead, when you launch the product you will be prompted to register, and have the following error:

To resolve this error, click Yes to the error dialog and register your product. After doing so, restart your product and the problem will be resolved.

This error occurs because the C++ Builder mobile package has been installed, but is not included in previous licensing. By registering, you add C++ Mobile to your licenesing, so that the package may be subsequently loaded.

This will also result in the help system not being updated. To update help, navigate to C:\ProgramData\{D8AD9B23-35FA-4AA7-9779-6B9D955BAB23}\help system installer\mFileBagIDE.dll\bag (this is your install cache) and run Help_Setup.exe. You be prompted to Repair or Remove Help. Choose Remove. Then run Help_Setup.exe again to install help.