Getting Access Violation DSNAP190.BPL AV when connecting from client

Abstract: XE5 Access Violation AV in DSNAP190.BPL

Q: When using XE5 and connecting to DataSnap Server from client you get an Access Violation (AV) in DSNAP190.BPL.

A: It appears something unknown went wrong in a previous update and the file(s) got out of sync.  To fix, simply do the following:

  • Windows Vista and 7)  Go to Start Menu and under Embarcadero XE5, select "Modify, Repair, Uninstall"
  • Windows 8)  Windows key-Q and type "modify".  If there is only XE5 installed on your machine, there should only be one entry so you may hit <enter> to launch.  If there are multiple versions installed you may have to launch each one until you see which one is for XE5.
  • Select "Repair" and follow the default options