Web Server & InterClient Functionality

概要: Web Server & InterClient Functionality

Problem: What is required for InterBase to use a Web Server? Solution: This information applies to: * InterBase 4.x * InterBase 5.x The following matrix is a generic grid explaining what is required to use InterBase Server, InterServer, InterClient and/or a web server. Since this matrix is based on function rather than machine, multiple functions could be included on the same machine (e.g.: Web Server and InterBase Server). Web Server / InterClient Function Matrix =============================== Web Server Client InterServer InterBase Server ----------------- -------- --------------- ----------------------- Applet Interclient.jar InterServer InterBase Server Java-enabled browser IB Client Library Applet + Java-enabled browser InterServer InterBase Server InterClient.jar IB Client Library N/A Application InterServer InterBase Server Interclient.jar IB Client Library Java Virtual Machine (java.exe, classes.zip) Notes: ===== 1) Information flow: a) The client browses a page on the web server machine. b) The web server returns the page, any applets referenced on the page and interclient.jar c) The applet provides the connection information to the client. d) The client makes a database request of the InterServer machine. e) The InterServer process makes an InterBase API call to the InterBase Server machine. f) The InterBase process returns the information back down the tree. 2) The general URL connection string is jdbc:interbase:// / If the web server is on the same machine as InterServer, then you would specify 'localhost' for . 3) For SCO, once the InterServer 1.5 is released, InterServer can be on the same machine as the Web Server. 4) InterBase 4.x requires InterClient 1.12. 5) InterBase 5.x works best with InterClient 1.50 (can use InterClient 1.12) 6) InterClient 1.12 requires JDK 1.1. 7) InterClient 1.50 requires JDK 1.1.