JBuilder 2007 Key Benefits

Abstract: JBuilder 2007 Key Benefits

JBuilder 2007 Key Benefits per Audience

Benefits for JBuilder users

For customers looking to Upgrade to JBuilder 2007, they will appreciate both new capabilities and support for existing projects and features:

  • Seamlessly takes developers forward onto the Eclipse platform with backward compatibility with previous versions of JBuilder: Simply import existing projects right into the Eclipse based JBuilder 2007 IDE and go.
  • Increases (team) velocity: With P2P development, Visual EJB and Web Services, GUIs, Java5 Enterprise functionality, and Team Assist, JBuilder 2007 provides its trademark RAD advantages and collaborative capabilities now on the open Eclipse platform.
  • Provides the latest Java and AppServer platform support, including seamless transition to EJB3/JEE5, performance tuning and advanced debugging with OptimizeIt, simplified, roundtrip, top-down and bottom-up web services and EJB development and full Java UML 2.0 modeling with full round trip live source.
  • Expands your capabilities: The key advantage of the underlying Eclipse platform is the hundreds of enhancements being offered through both open source and vendor plug-ins. JBuilder 2007 trusted turnkey certified solution and one-stop shop for downloading and integrating these features to provide developers the confidence they get when using commercial tools.

Benefits for Eclipse users

For Eclipse users, JBuilder 2007 offers significant improvements to their present Eclipse IDE experience. This product:

  • Increases (team) velocity: A complete agile development environment with Team Assist, Two-way Visual EJB, Visual Web Services, and Visual Modeling, to radically increase the speed at which developers and teams are capable working in the Eclipse environment
  • Provides organizations with confidence to use open source tools and components with the first Enterprise class �certified Eclipse solution� backed by the #1 proven and trusted commercial Java IDE; JBuilder
  • Unifies their tool experience: Greatly simplifies Java Enterprise development through a graphical development workbench and full live source roundtrip modeling.
  • Presents a true best of breed Open Source development �stack in the box�: complete integrated tooling for source control, bug tracking, requirements management, project planning and team coordination
  • Provides team and project manageability through a unified real-time view of each developer�s project responsibilities for bugs, change requests, code notes, task and requirements

JBuilder 2007 will be available December 2006 and will include sample apps, migration guides and tutorial.

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