How to install and register without internet acess

Abstract: To install you need media which can purchased or downloaded. To register, you need to perform a web registratrion on any computer with internet access

Q. The computer I am installing my product to does not have internet acess. How do I install and register my product?

A. The default installer for Rad Studio/Delphi/C++ Builder is called the web installer. It downloads files to your computer as needed during the installation process. If your computer does not have internet access you need to install from an ISO image or DVD instead. DVD's are available for purchase, but you can download what is required for free. Here are links to ISO's available for download as of the writing of this article:

Rad Studio/C++ Builder/Delphi XE6
Rad Studio/C++ Builder/Delphi XE5
Rad Studio/C++ Builder/Delphi XE4
Rad Studio/C++ Builder/Delphi XE3
Rad Studio.C++ Builder/Dephi XE2
Rad Studio.C++ Builder/Dephi XE
Rad Studio.C++ Builder/Dephi 2010
Rad Studio.C++ Builder/Dephi 2009
Rad Studio.C++ Builder/Dephi 2007

If you are not familiar with how to use an ISO image, please click here.

Other Embarcadero products do not require internet access to install, but you need internet access somewhere to complete registration. The internet access does not need to be on the machine where the product is installed. To complete registraton, first note the registration code from the registration wizard. The registration wizard typically appears when youn first run your product.

To complete registration, use the web browser of any computer connected to the internet (the one you are using to read this article would be good) and go to

Note that if you have InterBase 2007 or earlier, Rad Studio 2006 or earlier or JBulder versions prior to JBuilder 2008, use for web registration.


When you complete registration you will receive an activation file via file download or email. You can then copy the file to where your product is installed and tell the registration wizard to use it.