Changing InterBase connection defaults in RAD Studio

Abstract: If the install of RAD Studio finds an existing InterBase installation, it installs an additional InterBase instance and configures the IDE to use it. This may result in connections to InterBase outside of RAD Studio working, but connections inside of RAD Studio result in the error "unavailable database".

When installed using all the defaults, the standalone InterBase install uses an instance name of gds_db. Because it is the default, users never need worry about that instance name when connecting to it.

RAD Studio XE5 includes integrated licensing which includes InterBase XE3 Developer edition. So, once RAD Studio XE5 is installed, no addtional licensing is required to use InterBase XE3 Developer edition. If RAD Studio XE5 detects an existing InterBase instance name of gds_db during installation, the user is prompted whether they want to override that instance or create a new instance. The default is to create a new instance. This results in an InterBase instance named rad_xe3 and the RAD Studio XE5 IDE is configured to use this instance. This configuration is done in the form of two Enviroment varibles, named InterBase and IB_Protocol. These variables make be view, altered, or deleted via Tools | Options, Environment Options, Environment Variables.

The InterBase and IB_Protocol enviroment variables are documented in the InterBase XE5 Operations Guide manual, chapter 4, in the section labeled "The INTERBASE Environment Variables"

To connect to InterBase Developer edition, the InterBase server must be (re)started every 48 hours. Failing to do so will result in the error "Unavailable Database". To start the InterBase server, select InterBase Server manager from the Embarcadero InterBase XE3 [instance=rad_xe3] group in the start menui and click the start button.

If you wish the RAD Studio XE5 IDE to use the default gds_db instance of InterBase you have a number of alternatives.

  • The simplest is to delete the InterBase and IB_Protocol enviroment variables from the IDE and restart the IDE.
  • Change the InterBase varianble to the directory where the gds_db instance is installed and change the ib_protocol variable to gds_db.
  • If you are making a connection via TCP/IP, change the servername to include gds_db. For example, change localhost to localhost/gds_db. Note that InterBase Desktop does not support TCP/IP, so this solution will not work for InterBase Desktop.

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