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Welcome to the Embarcadero Technologies discussion forums.  We provide these electronic discussion forums for users to meet and exchange ideas. The topics of our newsgroups cover a wide range of technical subjects.

These groups are a good source of answers and information for 'how to' questions, installation problems, and programming issues for all of our products including ones that are no longer supported.

Before you start posting, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:
  • It is always a good idea to search the newsgroups before posting your question.
  • Look for the most appropriate newsgroup, i.e. one that most directly concerns your issue

Our newsgroups are peer-supported and there is no official Embarcadero presence. There is no guarantee of an answer to your questions, but if you ask politely you should be able to find the information or answers that you seek.

Please read the newsgroup Guidelines, Netiquette and Tips prior to posting.

To access our forums, we offer a standard web browser interface at https://forums.codegear.com or you may also access them via your favorite NNTP news reader.

We provide these forums as a user supported area to exchange information, tips and techniques on our products for the global community of Embarcadero customers.

We encourage members of this community to assist each other with technical questions. We have established a special relationship with a group of volunteers known as TeamB. TeamB members come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, with a willingness to give their time, expertise, and advice to enhance the technical skills of other customers.

We do not offer any formal support in these newsgroups. If you have questions related to the registration or installation of our products, please refer to the CodeGear Support Web site.