Single Incident Support

Single Incident Support is available for the following Embarcadero products:

  • RAD Studio
  • Delphi
  • C++Builder
  • InterBase

Service Features:

  • Assistance from an Embarcadero Technical Support Engineer to help solve your problem
  • Single Incidents can be purchased on an as needed basis
  • A fix cannot be provided, as all fixes need to be reviewed by development and a single incident cases does not permit a fix to the current release.
  • If a problem is found, it will be documented and submitted to development, but no fix dates or releases will be provided.
  • Problems associated with third party software cannot be investigated.

Incident Definition:

  • An incident is defined as a single support issue with an Embarcadero product and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate parts.
  • It is possible for one incident to span multiple communications. It is also possible for phone or electronic communication to include multiple incidents.
  • Note that an incident is considered closed if the customer has not responded to Embarcadero after information was provided, 10 business days after a final message has been left on Customer's voice mail or sent via electronic mail. The incident can be later reopened if the incident has not been resolved.

How to Purchase:

A summary of the problem must be reviewed and accepted before a single incident can be purchased. Please contact your regional support center.


  • Questions on customer's specific application code and the creation of programming samples are not supported under this service.
  • The service will be provided only on Embarcadero products used in accordance with the defined hardware and operating system requirements.
  • Upon reporting an incident, the customer will receive a Case ID that should be used in all communication regarding the incident.
  • The customer should provide a clear, detailed description of the problem or the question, and where applicable, provide a test case that demonstrates problem.
  • Provision of the source code may be requested. If for any reason this cannot be provided the investigation will cease.
  • Where appropriate, possible workarounds will be suggested, but no code will be provided by Embarcadero.
  • A maximum of 1 week, elapsed time, will be spent on the case, before it can be deemed closed.

Embarcadero reserves the right to advise customers to use Embarcadero’s consulting partners for additional assistance in resolving problems that fall outside the scope of this agreement. Such consulting services would be subject to the then current consulting fees and terms.