sweep prevents new attachments

Abstract: sweep prevents new attachments

Problem: When a sweep is kicked off, either manually or automatically, it will prohibit new connections on ANY database on the server. Additionally, it will prohibit current connections from disconnecting. Solution: This information applies to: InterBase 5.x A fix was made in 5.5 that fixed this bug. Now when a sweep is kicked off connections can be made and severed. To my knowledge this was never logged as a bug, but Charlie discovered it and fixed it for 6.0. It was then back ported to the 5.5 kit. Here is how you can reproduce this issue on pre v5.5 kits. 1) run the attached script to create the database 2) connect to the database, execute the procedure addRecords(100000), and commit 3) delete the records from t1 (ie delete from t1) and commit; 4) disconnect from database 5) do a sweep on the database 6) while the sweep is executing try connecting to a database on the server. The connection attempt will hang until the sweep finishes. --------------------------------------------- begin script -------------------------------------- create database "big_sweep.gdb"; create table t1 (i1 integer); set term !!; create procedure addRecords (num integer) as declare variable counter integer; begin counter = 0; while(counter