licensing priority

Abstract: licensing priority

Product: JDatstore

Question: We have two differenct license files, one placed into the jdsserver.jar (replacing the developer license usually there) and another license file in the same directory as the jdsserver.jar.� Is there a priority as to�which one will be used?


Licenses are found by searching the classpath.� Also searched is the userhome/.jdatastore directory, but this is intended for developer/jbuilder development environment scenarios, not deployment scenarios.

JDatstore selects a single license regardless of how many jdatastore licenses are found.� The selection process first sorts on two fields: "sku" + "connection count" in ascending order.� The license at the top of this sorted list is used.

Sku Sort order:� High availability, Server, Desktop, Developer.

Example: If the developers only have a developer license on the classpath they will have access to all features and unlimited connections.� If the add a paid server license with a 20 connection count limit on the classpath, their apps will then only be able to use 20 user counts and the High availability feature (mirroring) will be disabled.